Disney Travel Tales

Episode #15 Kathryn and her Husband visit all 4 parks at Disney World in only 2 days

September 21, 2021 Jenny Season 2 Episode 15
Disney Travel Tales
Episode #15 Kathryn and her Husband visit all 4 parks at Disney World in only 2 days
Show Notes

If you want to hear about a couple's whirlwind Disney vacation then this is the episode for you! Kathryn and her husband visit all 4 parks at Walt Disney World in only 2 days! This episode is so much fun.

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Kathryn is not only a huge Disney fan, she is also an author of a wonderful book (yes I've read it!) Live Bigger, Love Bigger; Getting Real with BBQ, Sweet Tea and a Whole Lotta Jesus. Find Kathryn on Instagram at kathrynwhitaker or visit her website at kathrynwhitaker.net

Columbia Harbour House,
Sunshine Tree Terrace
Food & Wine Festival, EPCOT (allll the countries!)
Milk Stand

The Tea Caddy

Wait time: Just for fun!
7 Dwarfs (40 min posted): waited 28
Haunted Mansion (15 min posted): waited 6
Big Thunder (10 min posted): waited 5
Pirates of the Caribbean (15 min posted): waited 4
Space Mountain (30 min posted): waited 10
It's a Small World (15 min posted): waited 2
Peoplmover (20 min posted): waited 6
Buzz Lightyear (25 min posted): waited 7
Soarin' (25 min posted): waited 17
Test Track (35 min posted): waited 3 (single rider!)
Frozen Ever After (40 min posted): waited 43
Slinky Dog Dash (60 min posted): waited 40
Runaway Railway (45 min posted): waited 32
Toy Story Mania (45 min posted): no wait, special surprise
Avatar (15 min posted): waited 8
Na'vi River Journey (30 min posted); waited 13 (broke down at the end!)
Expedition Everest (10 min posted): waited 2
Dinosaur (10 min posted): waited 2
Avatar (10 min posted): no wait
Rise of the Resistance: in the park at 1pm and joined the virtual queue, got boarding group 150, instructed to come back between 7:55-8:55pm. Arrived at 8:50, only two people on the ride

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